Video series “Wait better”

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
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We had to promote Latvia during the pandemic so we filmed a video series titled “Wait better” with each episode exploring a unique insight about our nation. Episode 4 - a quirky rap song about potatoes outperformed with a bang.

People loved it

Promoting Latvia through various potato dishes made followers hungry for adventure. Comments from all over the world flooded social media. Someone said I can’t look away, it’s mesmerizing, and that is exactly how we want tourists to see Latvia.


Locals generously shared the video and it traveled far beyond the country’s borders. It became the top post of the year on @LatviaTravel and @AtklajLatvijunojauna Facebook pages, and reached a quarter of a million people, most of them – organically.

A trend

Latvian news wrote about the potato sensation. The industry picked up the trend and released their remakes. Influencers did it. Ādažu Čipsi did it. RIMI probably sold lots of potatoes to the rhythm of this beat. We showed the world Latvia - so beautiful in its simplicity.

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