Virtual road mate

Skulptūru Mežs


Have you ever thought about having a private consultant in the museum? Someone unobtrusive, who's easy to understand and knowledgeable? From now on, you will always have an ally in Muzeju Krātuve, both on your mobile phone and tablet. Whichever is more convenient for you.


We have created a virtual guide on your phone and tablet with which you can navigate through a wide range of sculptures. What 's more important – you do not have to be on the spot to visit and get familiar with the layout of the room, descriptions of the sculptures and other useful information. Let the museum staff do their own work, while you educate yourself with the smart assistant.


Everyone realises that museums causes different emotions for people of different ages, that’s why, naturally, we added a gamification element to it. Two options - get to know the sculptures and test your knowledge afterwards or simply try your luck and hope to get to the laurel wreath at the end.


The mobile version is made for people whose phones are like extensions of their hands. And that’s alright! Turns out that the world we live in is unpredictable and you can always learn something new from the comfort of your home - and not necessarily being around sculptures. Once larger social gatherings are again allowed, don’t wait for your turn at the tablet, but go ahead and venture into the museum by opening

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