Exhibitions made digital

Riga Bourse


Every year The Art Museum Riga Bourse holds various art exhibitions devoted to specific art decades or artists. Initially they asked us to help digitalize a major Spanish art collection exhibition called “Prado: 12 characters” by explaining and portraying the masterpieces on tablet screen. Our cooperation has extended to two more exibitions to date.

Prado: 12 characters

Prado is one of the most outstanding museums in Spain and The Art Museum Riga Bourse had the chance to display their collection of international art treasures in the Baltics for the first time. For this purpose we developed a tablet-sized offline guide for attendees so they can easily read about each masterpiece and it’s context while standing right in front of it. The website also includes information about the Prado museum itself and related events. We’re happy to note that the exibition turned out to be the most attended one in Latvia that year.

No!ART and Conservator’s Workshop

We continued our collaboration in two significantly contrasting exhibitions called “No!ART” and “Conservator’s Workshop”. Preserving the design concept of the exhibitions and art treasures themselves, we worked on textual layout, user experience and smooth usability of the website. For instance, to portray the huge difference between the initial object and the restored one in “Conservator’s Workshop” exhibition, we applied a transition tool “Before/After”.

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