From Phone to Drones

Design & Programming


LMT has established a reputation as the most trusted mobile network operator in Latvia. At the same time, innovation has been in their DNA since the company's inception. Radios, telephones, spy cameras and even planes - VEF (the company from which LMT was born) was known for its level of quality and speed of innovation. Now LMT was ready to show the newest ideas, technologies and tech-solutions to the world. A simple and clear website is always a good start.


Ranging from a first-of-a-kind Home TV delivered through the mobile network, to a mission management system which is used in military operations - the list of innovations LMT has been working on, is long and diverse. Our task was to find an aesthetic visual language that would explain the various projects and their specifics in a single, common style. We came up with an isometric blueprint (in our case - more of a whiteprint) language that resembles the technical white-paper style, but easy enough to be understandable by a layman.

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