Life is more fun if you create games


Player one

Creating games is one of those things for which we are ready to stay awake at nights. It almost never is easy, but we always feel glad if we have managed to steal entertain you for several minutes or even hours.


Right now, while reading this description, you think that you are browsing WRONG.LV website, but are you really? And how can you be so sure? GDPR and DSM are just two of two tricky regulations, created by the EU in order to take care of the well-being of 500 million citizens and their rights on the Internet. There’s no doubt that these documents are important, but who has the time and strength to really dive into them? The European Comission in Riga wished that not only we understood them, but also for us to relay this information to an audience who deems Facebook too old-school and tend to use Internet almost exclusively on the phone - the young people in Latvia. Reading is boring. Doing is fun.

I know that song

We grew up with the Russian TV show “Угадай Мелодию”, and the 1st generation iPod, which had a game you could only succeed at if you were a true music fan junkie. We created a game based on the time period you’ve spent listening to all of Brainstorm songs and whether you can guess them from the first note.

Mediņ Hero

We don’t know how it first began, but every year in Riga, there are nights with multimedia installations located in different areas all over the city. Because our office is located right next to Jāzepa Mediņa Music Secondary School, we decided to participate as well. The idea was to create a IRL Hero drumset with lights illuminating the parts of the drumset being played, thus creating a rhythm and transforming you into a MEDIŅ HERO. It was all accompanied by a video projection, and by using a Kinect sensor, we pulled the viewer into a world created by sound.

Mix with Black

This is one of the more exciting games we have created, because it demands a good reaction time and the help of a friend. It can be played by up to 5 people - the more, the merrier. The goal of the game is to catch the right flavor bubble and to achieve the best possible score.

Bear-slayer vs Black Knight

This is a gift to Latvia - one that we never had the chance to present. We were so close but, alas, the deadline caught up to us. It was the 11th of November, Lāčplēsis Day, and we didn’t manage to make it as good as we wanted to, so it was imprisoned in our archives. It would have been a battle between all of us and the Black Knight - à la classic Street Fighter. This time this project fell into Gauja river, but this fight is not yet over and we still await the day when the game can rise again in terms of even better quality.

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