Road traffic safety directorate

Design & Programming

UX for Safety

The CSDD website is a story about functionality standing over everything else. To design for a government organisation with audience as wide as every driver in the country was not an easy task. Especially when the purpose is as important as keeping the roads safe.


The responsive website is designed to be easily accessed from any device anywhere, but please don’t use it while driving. Our user experience specialists did an extensive amount of work thinking through all the wireframes and making it work smoothly for everyone. Since the new website launch, the percentage of people using the mobile version has more than doubled!


The search function is one of the most important parts of the site. Our developers optimised it to work in a very clever way - it recognises even slangs drivers use. Therefore we have reduced the average time a user spends using the site, which indicates that the information is now much easier to find.

An Extra Step

If you want to ride a bike, you know there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Taking example in usability from other governments’ websites, such as UK’s and New Zealand’s, and thinking thoroughly about our own users, we created probably one of the most functional websites in the country. An extensive style guide was added to make the future communications easier for the client as well as the user.

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