Surface coating in 3D



Coventya is a global company that manufactures surface finishing chemicals for automobile, computer and even fashion industries. They were in need for a fresh design perspective on their marketing materials - so we hopped in with our 3D, video and web design skill set to make their visuals truly pop.


When a surface treatment chemical company from France came to us with a wish to cooperate, we were super excited, but hesitant. What do we really know about the benefits of Chrome 3 over Chrome 6 or slight colour differences that apparently make all the difference in the industry?


However, we gathered all the information, dived in and surfaced with loads of ideas for key visuals. Up until now, we have created numerous aesthetically pleasing 3D visualisations for social media channels, conference presentations and product catalogues, detailing the chrome coating on various objects, like motorcycle hydraulic lifts, kitchen taps and even screws.

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